The Most Dreaded Day of Our Homeschool Year

This week we survived the most stressful day of our homeschool year as far as I'm concerned - the annual physical at our pediatrician's office.

I'm grateful that our pediatrician is amused by our homeschooling, curious maybe, but certainly not hostile. I know not everyone is so lucky. Nevertheless, despite my best attempts to prepare the kids for her inevitable good-natured questioning, we always end up with a few humorous moments, and this year was no exception.

Q: "What grade are you in now?"

We practiced this. A lot.

A: "Second!!!"


Q: "What are you learning about in your homeschool?"

We also practiced this. We rehearsed that the correct answer is anything, anything, other than "Nothing..."

A: He went into a detailed description about the difference between a basilisk and an iguana which I'm fairly certain he learned by watching Wild Kratts, and definitely not from anything I taught him, but we'll take it!


Q: "What do you like to do with your friends?"

I start to mildly panic thinking, Friends?! Friends?! We haven't practiced this! We have no friends. Why in the world does she think we homeschool?! And how did I not prepare him for the inevitable socialization interrogation.

He steals a guilty glance at me, shrugging his shoulders.

I offer helpfully through gritted teeth, "You like to play with Legos!" Never mind the fact that you have never, ever played Legos with friends and very much prefer to engage this pastime without any living, breathing humans within a 20 foot radius...

"Oh!" the pediatrician remarks cheerfully. "You like building games? How nice!"



Q: "Do you brush your teeth everyday?"

A: Another guilty smile. "Welllll, we brushed them right before we came here."


In other words, we passed.

See you next year, you good old annual physical!


  1. Love this! So true! Prepping for those questions takes as much thought as prepping for taking the ACT!

    1. Ha! Yes :) It's true. So much preparation for that one visit.


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