A Most Magical Day

Yesterday I had an utterly delightful with these rock climbing, tide pooling, toes in the sand, bubble gum and cotton candy ice cream slurping, underwear on the outside kiddos.

We recently joined the Hike 125 challenge which is put on by our local preservation organization.  They maintain 116 gorgeous properties all over the state and have an online forum where you record your hikes with prizes awarded to those who cover at least 125 miles. So far we've done 3 hikes at 2 different properties, and they have all been incredibly scenic and accessible to the kids.

This hike was at Coolidge Point in Manchester-by-the-sea. It included a short hike through a sweet little marsh that ended by opening to a big beautiful lawn stretching down to the ocean. After our hike we stopped for ice cream at my favorite Singing Beach where the kids stripped to their underwear and went crashing through the waves till the sun went down.

One of those rare family outings where everything just goes right. Perfect weather. Perfect scenery. Perfect food. Near perfect attitudes :) It just doesn't get much better than that!