What's Making Me Happy

First and foremost, these cuties!

My $2 sunglasses from Savers. Score!

Squirt gun painting. I can't wait to try this with the kids. And I can even make the "paint" out of dried out markers - genius!

Sunshine, even if it is only 50 degrees out.

Lectio divina. I recently returned to this ancient spiritual practice that combines silence, Scripture reading, meditation, listening and prayer. I love how one of our old pastors, Tammy McLeod, explains it here. She writes, "Many times we take the Scripture apart, but in Lectio Divina we allow God to take us apart through Scripture." It has been so life-giving for me to spend the first moments of my day slowly savoring the Psalms in this way.

Which leads me to this verse. Of the passages of the Psalms I worked through this week, this verse was the one I couldn't stop pondering.

This song. I may have listened to it fifty times in the past week.

What's making you happy?