Parkschooling at Lynn Woods

By the grace of God and the cooperation of Moses, we managed to finish all of our kindergarten "work" in March, so we are making April our month of parkschooling. My intention is that on any reasonably nice weather days, we load up the car with a picnic, a blanket, a basket of books, and Abigail's potty (very, very important to bring the potty I quickly discovered!) and spend our day playing, exploring and soaking up the sun.  And in the car rides to and fro we can sneak some great content by listening to the Jesus Storybook Bible, practicing our skip counting, reviewing spelling words or memory work, and listening to awesome classical music. I'm curious to see how many different parks we can hit up before the weather turns unbearably hot and muggy. 10? 15? We will just have to see.

Today we went to the Lynn Woods rose garden and playground. No roses yet or really flowers of any kind, but the kids got to play ball with two very sweet dogs, dig in the sand box and tromp around the woods in addition to enjoying the playground. I am happy to report that I even joined them in digging in the sand for what felt like an hour, but was probably more like ten minutes. I'm not great at playing WITH my kids, especially if it involves sand or mud, but I'm working on it!