Links I'm loving

I've been finding so many great articles lately that I know I'll want to revisit. Today it occurred to me - put them on the blog so you can find them later. (I'm sure other people have an app to manage this for them, but I'm just barely into the smart phone world so for me this solution is very sophisticated!)

Go ahead: why you can give up on the goal of a beautiful life  from Ann Voskamp.

This one stopped me in my tracks with Ann's hallmark, soul-stirring prose. Statements like "Sometimes we want to possess lovely things because we don't know what love is," and "Your life is only a blink long and then you wake up to the forever that your life chose," and "God doesn't call you to a convenient life; he calls you to an important life. A life of importance isn't found in a life of convenience."  Plenty to ponder in these words. Are my strivings coming from a place of being loved and having purpose in that, or are they coming from a place of restlessness and discontent?

20 conversation starters for kids from The Realistic Mama

Whenever I pick up my kids from anything, I never seem to be able to think of anything to say other than 'How was it?' and 'Did you go to the bathroom?' But this list has some wonderful alternatives  - maybe I should tape to the steering wheel of my car!

This recipe I'm really looking forward to making even though the kids will almost certainly hate it.

Science reveals that well being is a skill  from Richard Davidson of the Center for Healthy Minds

In other words we can grow in our overall well being by focusing on four areas. This diagram sums it up nicely, although if you aren't keen on the psychobabble you could easily express these ideals in Biblical terms (gratitude, repentance, kindness, and prayer perhaps).

A guide to getting the kind of love you never knew you wanted from Dr. Kelly Flanagan

I stumbled across Dr. Flanagan's blog, UnTangled, this week and loved pretty much everything there. This is my favorite, as one who shoots for unconditional love but falls abysmally short.