Family Camping

This weekend we managed our first Team Otto camping trip.  We had a blast until the time came to lie down and go to sleep :) 

These were my favorite moments:

Nick patiently putting up the tent with kid helpers (not quite as bad as the Christmas tree, but almost)

Abigail helping by relocating any tent pieces not nailed down to a location of her preference about 100 yards away from the location of Nick's preference.  (You can follow the trail of stuffed animals and blankies to her ideal camping spot).

Moses wielding a hammer while repeatedly proclaiming "I am awesome at this!"

Sticky s'mores - Abigail's first!

Moses peeking into a ranger's bucket of pond water to see what creatures she had netted and running off screaming, "A sea monster!! There's a sea monster in there!" It was a leech.  A very small leech.

Nick mercifully strapping Abigail into her car seat and driving her around until she fell asleep after an hour of "I not like dis tent!!!" "I sleeping outside!"