Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Our church did an awesome Mother's Day outreach this year.  Take note all you church leaders :)  They invited everyone to bring their family to church on Mother's Day.  Then they made this little flower backdrop (out of office folders for about $10 - someone was talented!) and took a really nice photo of each family or group of friends.  Then we all had to come back the following week to pick up a beautiful 8 x 10 print of our pictures.  Unfortunately it didn't scan as well as it looks in real life, but still I'm very happy.  How often do you get everyone looking in the same direction?!? Not often with this crowd :)

And in honor of Mother's Day, although it's a little late, I'll share my favorite article on mothering. 

God Made a Mother and You - So Farmer On!

I love to read this and think of all the mothers (and fathers) who have invested in me.  And I definitely enjoy all the green in her pictures!