Adventures with Ashley

Moses has been missing his friend, Ashley, since she moved to another town about a year ago.  It was a difficult transition for both of them since they had been seeing each other nearly every day for most of Moses' life.  But recently Ashley has started visiting us once a week to go on a fun adventure with Moses.  Last week we went to Jordan's Furniture which just installed an indoor ropes course for children (who knew there was such a thing??).  They strap little kids (Abigail's age and older) into harnesses and let them climb around on balance beams, ropes, and other obstacles.

This week we introduced Ashley to Devereux Beach in Marblehead.  It's one of our favorites.  It has a playground, a beach and an ice cream stand all together, and it's usually considerably cooler there than it is at our house.  It's been great getting to spend these good times with a dear friend!  We hope you are enjoying the summer wherever you are :)