Our Mountain Climbing Adventure

Sadly our camera bit the dust, so you probably won't be seeing any cute pictures of the kids anytime soon, but we will show you the last pictures we captured of Nick and I climbing Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire.

Never having undertaken this kind of a hike before, there were a lot of humorous moments for us. 

Like the high school boys who told me "You're almost there!!!" (and I believed them) when we were in fact only about 1/3 of the way up.

Or the creepy old guy who stopped to give us a detailed lesson on the geology and history of "monadnocks" (apparently he was really fascinated by the fact that where we were standing was once an active volcano).

Or when despite the multiple large signs warning us that we should bring two quarts of water per person (or was it four???) we decided we'd be fine with one measly Nalgene bottle between the two of us, which Nick could have drained by himself before we were out of sight of the parking lot.

Or the part where we finally reached the summit and Nick suggested we sit down and meditate for a half and hour, not realizing that I was being buffeted in all directions by huge gusts of wind that were threatening to blow me off the mountain.

It was definitely a good marriage bonding moment with many good laughs and good memories!