What I Love about Summers with 1 & 3

  • Dancing to the music of the ice cream truck
  • Navigating lazy summer days at the beach with one child who is terrified of the water and one who can't stop crashing through the waves
  • Making aluminum foil dinosaurs
  • Racing toward the toilet with one child while slide tackling the other to keep her from diving face first into the toilet water
  • Crying over spilled bubbles.  Over and over again.
  • Claiming the grass at our neighborhood nursing home as our personal picnic ground
  • Frantically slurping too-quickly-melting ice cream cones, rushing back for the extra cup, then the extra napkins, and then surrendering to an all out bath

There are so many things I have LOVED about this summer with my little ones, but I am also looking forward to a few things that I suspect will be easier with another year under our belts!


  1. I don't think these kids can get any cuter. For real, I think they have reached the highest cute status possible. I need to see them soon!!!!!!! Love you guys! -abs


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