She's an Independent Lady

Yes, it's been a big week for Team Otto.  This big girl decided to wean herself, and Moses crossed over into the land of the potty trained. Milestones all around!

Last week Abigail developed a sudden attachment/obsession with the stuffed creature you see here.  It looks like a cross between a dog, a rabbit and a bear and in our house it goes by Gaga.  Gaga goes with her everywhere: into the cereal bowl, onto the beach, up and down the playground slides.  Fortunately she has another stuffed dog that she is equally attached to so Gaga #1 can take a bath occasionally.  At any rate as soon as the Gaga obsession developed, Abigail decided she was completely done with nursing and had much more important things to do with her time.  SO refreshingly different from the drama that transpired when we weaned Moses!!

Her independence also manifests itself big time on the playground where she jets around climbing ladders that are over my head and throwing herself down five foot tall slides.  Any attempt to spot her as she climbs to these dizzying heights is met with a scowl of disdain.  And when she inevitably wipes out, she almost never cries. So far there haven't been any trips to the ER, and I'm happy to let her do her thing, putting to shame all the three and four year olds who are too scared to go down the slide.

And let's not forget this handsome little man!