One More Thing

I forgot the most important item on our list of summer goals.

Find a new job for Nick


Last week he accepted a position at Quadra Counseling Associates, a Christian counseling agency about 30 minutes from our home.  You can read more about it here

The process of transitioning from his current workplace to Quadra is rather long (about 3-6 months), so we won't have all the details to share right away.  But we are very happy to know that by the end of the year Nick should be well on his way to leaving his old job behind.  Praise God!!!

Now for some cute pictures:

And here's a gem of a conversation I overheard at the breakfast table this morning that simply must be recorded for posterity:
          Moses (singing Father Abraham): " let's all praise the Yord!  Hey, Nick! What's the Yord?"
          Nick (not yet fully awake): "The Lord means God."
          Moses: Who is God?
          Nick: God made everything, and He loves us.
          Moses: And God is Jesus' daddy!! And he's my daddy too.
          [long pause of contemplation after which Moses proudly exclaims] Hey Mom, I just taught Nick that God is Jesus' daddy, and he's my daddy too!

Kind of reminds me of the other day when I told Moses I was going to have some alone time in the other room (that would be the day when I put myself in time out four times), and he said, "But Aimee!! I want to be with you!!!  It's like you're Jesus, and I'm your disciple." 

If only that were true, there would certainly be a lot less willfulness and disobedience happening on both of our parts!! But precious nonetheless.