These Days in the Otto House

We are...

Laughing at Moses' delightful mispronunciations especially "break-quist" (breakfast), "spag-daddy" (spaghetti), "hops-ital" (hospital), and my favorite "maza-geen" (magazine).  And at Abigail's enthusiastic animal impersonations.  She does dog, cat, goat, and pig.  Strangely goat and pig sound almost identical.  I credit Nick for that one :)

Reading this old favorite with the kids.  Moses loves the page about the young Buddhist novice from Thailand.  Every time we read about him I get to explain the difference between monk and monkey.  And on my own I'm reading a marriage book and a biography of Alexander the Great.  Just so happens that I'm reading about one of history's most famous warriors in the midst of our church's series on spiritual warfare and the armor of God. Very thought provoking.

Jamming with Raffi (or "Ralphie" as Moses calls him).  Moses is partial to Baby Beluga; Abigail naturally loves Apples & Bananas.  And when two o'clock rolls around and the kids are napping, I sit and drink a cup of tea and soak up this lovely CD in Grandma and Grandpa Gier's old green chair.  Mock me if you will, I STILL love the old green chair!!!

Enjoying our amazing new air conditioner.  What a gift! Now that we have one, I don't know how we ever survived without it.

Eating black olives, Snapea crisps, loads of yummy summer fruit, and this pesto salmon.  Turns out our kids love pesto salmon, and they even ate the accompanying mashed cauliflower and green beans.  Score!

Savoring the memory of Moses being Pastor Joshua's "dee-sistant" at our church's last outreach event.  Moses' job was to put hot dogs in buns, when he wasn't busy running people down with invitation flyers and helping daddy hold a giant FREE sign.  Somehow when a forty-year-old man goes chasing after you to invite you to church, it's rather creepy, but when a determined three-year-old with super cute dimples does it, no one seems to mind!  For her part, Abigail was quite winsome as my sidekick, clinging to my side like a baby koala while smiling and waving at passersby and occasionally burrowing into my blouse.

Loving date night - the highlight of my week every single week! And my husband who happens to plan really fun dates that, so far, allow me to remain firmly on solid ground (although he does like to throw around the possibility of kite surfing, paddle boarding, and ocean kayaking - yikes)

Climbing everything, and very cute while doing it