Berry Picking

I was a little doubtful about undertaking this outing solo, especially when the promised 8 minute walk to the strawberry patch took us the better part of an hour, but this turned out to be a really fun activity with the kids. 

I plunked Abigail down in the berry patch and she happily picked, ate and toddled up and down the rows for a very long time.

 Moses only lasted about 5 minutes in the fields.  He wanted me to remove the stem from EVERY SINGLE BERRY he picked immediately after he pulled it off the plant.  That got old fast!  But then he wandered over to the farm stand where they keep the little baskets for you to fill, and he set right to work organizing and sorting the different sized baskets.  First he sorted the baskets by size and stacked them into four foot tall towers.  When he finished that, he pulled them off one by one and laid them out horizontally, carpeting the floor of the farm stand.  Then he decided to fill the larger carrying trays with smaller sized baskets, and earnestly tried to persuade everyone who walked by to take one of his big trays out into the field with them.  And if it so happened that they only wanted one single basket instead of an unwieldy tray filled with tiny baskets, they got a serious look of disappointment.

It was late in the season and the berry bushes were quite picked over.  It took a bit of hunting to fill our baskets.  But the children were happy, and the warm sun was shining, a gentle breeze was blowing: it was just one of those moments you want to freeze in your mothering memory!