The Children's Piazza (and other Kid News)

One of Nick's counseling coworkers helped start an indoor playground nearby, and we finally made it there last week.  Moses was in heaven!  He got the chance to run, slide and climb on something other than couches and bookshelves.  (And no angry mom voice in the background calling, "Be careful!  Get down!  You are going to fall!  Don't step on your sister!" One of his favorite games is to climb the bookshelf when I'm not looking and then jump down exclaiming, "Look, Mom!  I didn't get squished like a bug!!"  Apparently once I told him that if he kept climbing on the bookshelves he was going to get squished like a bug?!? I honestly can't remember...)  At any rate, we really loved this place.

In other news Abigail took her first steps yesterday into her daddy's arms with Moses standing alongside cheering, "Good job, Abigail!  Good job, Abigail!  You did your first steps!!"  It was super cute, and very fun to be able to enjoy the milestone as a family.  

Not wanting to be left out of the excitement, Moses surprised us with two successful trips to the potty that night - success meaning he was sitting on the potty when he sprayed urine all over the floor.  And then he was sitting on the potty when he went number #2, earning a chocolate chip reward which he dropped into the potty and then went digging through the contents of the potty to retrieve.  If this doesn't sound like success to you, just be glad I didn't tell you about all our unsuccessful attempts :)