Ready for 2014

We are definitely ready for a new year in the Otto House.  Not that 2013 didn't have some amazing and important moments, but it feels so good to go into the new year with a clean slate.

Nick got our New Year off to an amazing start by CRUSHING his counseling licensure exam.  My favorite part was when he showed up at the testing site and the computer assigned to him was not working.  The test administrator claimed she was not allowed to touch the computers; they would have to call someone in Texas and ask him to fix it remotely.  Turned out the company in Texas was closed due to inclement weather.  Encountering all these problems after cramming for a year to take the most important test of your career might send some people into a panic attack, but not Nick :) He calmly proceeded to fix the computer himself, and then aced the exam!  Now he just needs to submit a very lengthy application to the licensure board for approval, and he will be an official Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

I have two new endeavors for the new year so far.  In addition to watching our six-year-old neighbor, Ashley, several times a week, I have a second childcare gig spending Fridays with a one-year-old, a four-year-old and my two kids.  I'll start off watching them just two hours this week, in the hopes that we can gradually work our way up to a full day.  It should be an exhausting experience, but Moses will certainly get his fill of social interaction!

I also signed up to do fundraising for a 5K our church is hosting this spring to raise money for two organizations devoted to stopping human sex trafficking: Amirah Boston and F.R.E.E. International.  An introverted stay-at-home mom with no car, no internet and two toddlers (oh, and no fundraising experience whatsoever!) sounds like the perfect person to put in charge of securing sponsors from the local business community, right?  :)  I have no idea how I keep getting into these situations, but I am really excited to be doing this.  I am sure you will hear more humorous updates about this in the future.  Perhaps I'll  have some hysterical accounts of me walking into random store fronts pushing a massive double stroller filled with 2-4 overtired small children asking total strangers for money.  It should be fabulous!     

Moses' New Years Resolution is to learn to use the toilet.  He doesn't know it yet, but that's what it is :)  So far he is very excited about the prospect of wearing his Mickey Mouse underwear.  He's just not so wild about sitting on the toilet! 

Abigail has lots to look forward to in 2014.  She is getting closer and closer to walking - she pulls up to a stand easily, cruises along the furniture, and can even stand unsupported for short periods of time.  She's also a really fast crawler.  Moses frequently cons her into playing "tag" with him.  She doesn't seem to mind that she is always It, tirelessly chasing him from room to room.  I am happy to report that she is somewhat more vocal than her brother was at this age, so we won't have to worry about being hauled into a developmental specialist because she doesn't say "mama" in reference to me - not that I'm still bitter about that ;)  Next time I'll be sure to post some pictures of the two cuties, but for now I must dive back into the fray of diaper changes and snack refills!