Trimming the Tree with Three Small Children = Awesome!!

Nick and I tend to celebrate the holidays in a rather subdued fashion (perhaps you could tell!).  Moses has never dressed up for Halloween or gone trick or treating, he's never eaten a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and he's never had a birthday party.  While this suits Nick and me just fine, clearly there is only so long we can keep this up.  So this Christmas we are trying to establish some more exciting holiday traditions for our little party animal. We started by letting the kids put up the artificial tree that we grabbed off the curb this summer.  I must say I found the entire process hysterical.  Nick did all the actual work while I stood off to the side snapping photos and laughing my head off.   Here's the play by play of our Christmas tree decorating.

Moses thought we should stop right there and bust out the ornaments!

Abigail was particularly helpful.

Nick: "I can't do this with kids!  I can't do this with kids! They're messing up my piles!!"

Nick: "I can't do this with kids!  Ouch! Ouch! Cramping!! [due to the children climbing on top of him to put in the top branches which they weren't supposed to be touching]

Ashley: "Moses is NOT helping!  Moses is messing everything up!"
Moses: "We almost finished.  Time for the snowman balls!"

At this point Moses decided to speed things up by chucking everything he could get his hands on into the lower branches.  This created problems later on when it seemed we were missing a third of the branches.

Things went much more smoothly after Moses packed himself into the tree boxes.

Finally time for those snowman balls!

Moses was very excited about the train ornament that Grammie sent him.  He put it on all by himself.

Nick: "This is NOT our Christmas picture!"

Aimee: "Everybody smile!"
Moses: "The Christmas tree can't smile."
Ashley: "This is the best-est day of my whole life!"

And then they ate cookies and milk (or in Moses' case, jello) by the light of the Christmas tree while Nick read them The Polar Express.