The Otto Bowne Extravaganza - Jersey Shore Edition

Last weekend we had a wonderful trip to New Jersey to get together with our Philly friends, the Bownes.  They hooked us up with a beautiful house on the Shore to pack all of our kids into, and we had a great time catching up and enjoying the wildness of three little boys running amok and two babies vying for our attention.  (I just looked up the definition of amok and according to google it means "to behave uncontrollably and disruptively" which pretty much sums up the behavior of my two-year-old!)

Fortunately for all you blog readers Abby captured some great pictures of our weekend, including this impressive group photo. 

For comparison's sake, here is our group from 2009 (Moses was in utero).

And here is 2011.

Our families have certainly grown!  This was the first vacation together with the kids outnumbering the adults, and I think we grown ups definitely felt it.  Like the night it took us four hours to get all of our children sleeping for the night, primarily because Moses was screaming his head off the entire time and no one else could sleep :)

Some of my favorite moments included:
  •  Getting to meet and spend time with the very sweet and very handsome Josiah
  •  Simeon entertaining the babies by tickling them with pillows and repeatedly chanting "Abigail, Abigail, Abi Abi Gail!" 
  • Moses, Simeon, and Clay hurling themselves off the couch onto piles of cushions while the adults alternated between laughing uncontrollably at their super cute antics and gasping in horror at their near injuries as they crashed into the floor, the walls and each other.  
  • Forcing ourselves to stay awake longer than our kids so we grown ups could talk and attempt to play games together
  • The much anticipated Baby Fight between Josiah and Abigail, in which Josiah triumphed hands down through multiple rounds of competition.  Turns out although Abigail is more agile than Josiah, she just isn't that aggressive, and she is unusually tolerant of being clawed in the face.  Go figure :)  
A few more pics of our weekend captured by Abby: