Happy Fall!

Fall Festival at Breakheart Reservation (Moses calls it his pumpkin party!)
Abigail finally decided she will go in a carrier - hooray.  
Moses enjoyed climbing this boulder

Our least successful kid outing yet - Nick and I thought it would be a great idea to take the train to Rockport and take the kids to our favorite park -  Moses after looking forward to the train ride for days spent the entire way there and back throwing tantrums, the weather was cold and windy,
Moses wanted nothing to do with the park, and we ended up spending most of the morning huddling for warmth in a Dunkin Donuts :(  At least Abigail looks happy in this picture! 

Don't the kids look like they are having fun?

The next weekend we asked Moses what he wanted to do for fun, and he said, "Go to the cemetery, eat French fries, and play with my Elmo ball".  So we obliged and we had a wonderful time :) I guess we should just let him plan all our family outings.  Here he is eating his fries!


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