A Long Overdue Otto Update

Hello friends! 

There is so much I could update you on and so little time, so I'll try to hit the highlights.

Abigail continues to be a lovely, easygoing baby.  I love how often people remark about how "peaceful" she is, people who don't know how often her dad and I have prayed that she would be a woman of peace.

The adults in the Otto house are finally getting some consistent rest (still at 2 nighttime feedings, but we usually get at least a 5 hour stretch to start off the night).  For awhile Nick and I (well, mostly me) were singing Reo Speedwagon to the kids every morning at breakfast as we chugged coffee and spilled cereal all over the floor (Remember "I don't wanna sleep, I just wanna keep on loving yooooooooou"?  Moses definitely knows the chorus by heart).  But I think those days are behind us know.  You can see Abigail's preferred sleeping position below.  We think she may have a future as a contortionist.

Abigail wants to move big time.  One of the only times you'll hear her cry is when she is frustrated that she can't crawl across the room to get a toy.  She has perfected the roll.  She can also scoot fairly effectively.  When lying on the Boppy pillow, she can cross a room by doing a back bend over the pillow and pushing herself with her feet.

Moses continues to amaze us with his tender heart and amazing attitude.  He is a total ham!  The other night as we walked on the beach he got two police badge stickers from the officer patrolling the beach and kept several onlookers in stitches by putting the stickers on his ears and dancing around like some kind of animal. He loves making people laugh.  And he's good at it.

One example.  Last night at bedtime Nick was reading Moses the story of Jesus walking on water.  When the story ended, I overheard the following conversation:
     Moses: I helped Jesus walk on the water.
     Nick: You helped Jesus walk on the water?
     Moses: (matter of factly) Yes.  I did.  We go swimming now?

Nick played on our church's softball league this summer, and after watching his first game, Moses decided make shift baseball games would be his official summer pastime.  He has a toddler sized ball and glove, but he prefers a do-it-yourself approach using various kitchen utensils for a bat with an assortment of balls.  He currently prefers a plastic ladle and a small nerf soccer ball, but when we snapped the photo below he was using a potato masher and a tennis ball.  He enthusiastically shouts "Pow!" or "Pam!" (as in "Bam!") if ever you should manage to hit his wildly waving utensil with the ball.  Naturally the pitcher is responsible for making sure the throw results in a hit.  If you should fail to hit the target, he says encouragingly "Try again!".  He plays at least 3 times a day.