Happy Birthday, Moses!

We had a lot of fun celebrating Moses' second birthday this week.  Nick took an extra day off work so he could spend time with Moses, which was of course the best birthday present ever.  They played barber shop in the morning (in other words Nick gave Moses a hair cut).  Then we all went to story time at the library where we unexpectedly ran into Moses' best friend from church, Kayla.  In the afternoon Moses got to play football with dad, bake a cake with mom, and eat his favorite dinner (sloppy joe and chips!).  After that we went to church where he got to play with his friends some more.  I think it was pretty much the little man's ideal day.  In fact, several times throughout the day Nick and I overheard him remarking to himself, "Happy day!  Happy day!"  So I'd say the birthday was a success.

Here are some pictures from the day.  In typical Nick-and-Aimee fashion we neglected to photograph any of the "important" birthday moments - blowing out the candles on his cake, opening the presents, etc. - so you'll just have to use your imagination :)

Rough housing with dad

This Curious George puzzle was the present
that kept his attention the longest

Baking the birthday cake
to the constant refrain of "More cocoa!  More cocoa!"

Relaxing in the Elmo chair with his birthday balloon
As far as the two-year-old update, I won't have any official growth stats until Moses goes back to the pediatrician in early May, but here are a few highlights in the other areas of his development.

Eating: Moses is a great eater as long as you're not trying to serve him vegetables.  He especially loves meat in any form.  I'm still laughing about the day I got him up from his nap and he pointed toward the kitchen saying, "Meat? Ham?  Turkey? Sausage? Chicken?"  He also likes almost all fruits.  I have not succeeded in getting him to eat any vegetables in quite a few months.  Even carrots and sweet potatoes have fallen out of favor!  He will eat a baked potato if you put enough butter on it, but that's only because he is convinced it is a pancake...

Sleeping: At the risk of making you all hate me, I must confess I am in love with this child's sleep schedule right now.  He sleeps consistently through the night, takes a 2-3 hour nap during the day, and if you put some toys and books in his crib, he will usually play quietly by himself for at least a half hour after he wakes up.  I don't think Nick and I can take any credit for this; we are totally clueless when it comes to sleep training and the like, but I am definitely praying that this keeps up once the new baby is born.

Verbal Skills: In my opinion Moses is doing great in this area - we'll see what the pediatrician says :)  For me it is so exciting to be able to speak to Moses in complete sentences and have him actually understand what I am saying!  He is soaking up words like a sponge, and starting to put together sentences.  We are starting to work on simple question and answers like "What's your name?" and "How are you".  I love hearing him pronounce his name!  If you ask him what his name is, usually he says, "Moses!" but sometimes he says "Moses Otto" or "Matthew Otto" or "Mo-thew Otto".  I guess it is pretty confusing!

Social Skills: Moses is definitely the most outgoing member of Team Otto.  He loves play dates, church, the library and any other occasion where he can be around other kids his age.  He frequently requests to be taken to a party :)  As Nick often says to me, "How did you and I manage to raise an extrovert?!?!"  I have no idea, but it does keep us laughing.