Moses Moments

We are long overdue for a post on what Moses is up to these days.  Nick and I have been enjoying this stage so much.  Moses is just incredibly comical!  So at the risk of boring you to death (because I am fully aware that none of these happenings are as cute to you as they are to me) here are some of our favorite Moses moments of late.
  • Moses is quite sensitive to loud noises of any kind, and he is very quick to point out whenever anything is "noisy".  He often responds to the frequent sirens and car horns outside our house by saying in his most perturbed voice "car...beep beep...noisy!"  But our favorite was the other day when we were standing in the check out line at the grocery store and an announcement came over the loud speaker.  Moses glared at the ceiling, raised a finger to his lips, and hissed "Shhhh! Noisy!"
  • Moses has picked up his father's love for spicy foods.  He refers to all spices as "pepper" and he has adopted Nick's habit of going to the spice cupboard before each meal and bringing an armload of different seasonings to the table with him. For example, a snack of pretzels might require marjoram, chili powder, and of course, pepper.  So far we've persuaded him that he doesn't need to actually sprinkle his "pepper" on every food that he eats; at this point he is content to just line the spices up along the edge of his high chair tray table.
  • When Moses injures himself by, for example, falling off a chair, he frequently grabs one of his stuffed animals and reenacts the incident, complete with dramatic play by play commentary such as "Ouch! Ouch! Bear hurt! Bear fell!  Head broke!"  Apparently every injury is a fracture in Moses' book.  He tells me at least three times a day that he has broken some body part or another.
  • Moses' pronunciations of the words "flag", "frog" and "fork" all bear an unfortunate resemblance to another certain F word you may know.  This has led to some humorous incidents when he spots these objects out in public.  My favorite was the time we were toddling about the magazine reading room at the Lynn Public Library (a very large, very quiet room where the smallest noise echoes throughout most of the building).  Moses climbed up to look out a window, spotted a flag flying outside an adjacent building, and shouted at the top of his lungs "F***!"  That raised a few eyebrows :)
  • Moses usually takes a long bath in the evenings while I try to pick up the destruction he has wreaked on the adjacent rooms of the apartment.  One day I overhear him laughing hysterically over who knows what, and then he suddenly stops and says quietly to himself:  "I funny...Oh man! I funny!"


  1. Love these stories - so cute! Is he getting excited to meet his baby sister?!


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