A Delightful Stage

Moses recently went to the pediatrician for his 18 month appointment.  My favorite part was the handout on developmental milestones we were given which began, "This is a delightful stage.  Did you know?  Your toddler may need correction every 3 to 6 minutes".  Really?  I had no idea :)

This was the best appointment we have had yet.  Moses' length was up to 33.5 inches (he jumped from the 35th percentile to the 75th percentile) and his weight was up to 25 pounds, 8 ounces (up from the 25th to the 40th percentile).  Apparently this was enough to finally convince the doctor that Moses' nutrition is adequate because I was not subjected to the usual questioning about how many servings of protein he eats each day, how many milligrams of calcium he gets, and whether he really takes his Vitamin D supplements every single day.  When the pediatrician asked if I wanted to keep going to the gastrointestinal specialist or get a referral for an allergist, I said "No" and he said "Okay".  Needless to say I am extremely pleased not to be going back to any specialists :)

And there are certainly many delightful aspects to this stage!

One of things that cracks me up the most is how affectionate this child is.  He gives Nick, me, and the baby each dozens (no exaggeration) of  kisses every day.  And they are no quick pecks on the cheek either if you know what I mean :)  He also kisses the characters in his story books and his stuffed animals. 

Stuffed animals are a big part of Moses' life right now.  Getting ready for bed requires assembling at least two teddy bears, one lamb, one elephant, and one large Winnie the Pooh blanket.  Moses must carry all these items to the rocking chair by himself to snuggle in for his bedtime story, and he must carry them all in one trip.  If one animal drops, he leans over precariously to pick it up, dropping two other animals in the process.  And he adamantly refuses to take one step in the right direction until he is holding all the animals again.  It's a delicate balance to get him loaded up properly to make the five foot journey from the bed to the chair without him feeling that you are interfering.

As you can imagine, he is very concerned that he do everything the same way Mommy and Daddy do it.  No more sitting in the high chair for this child, and no more being carried up and down the stairs.  He is determined to do it like everyone else.  He also loves brushing his teeth and "washing dishes" like Mom and Dad do.  As a mom I love to see him growing more independent even though it does try your patience at times :)

Moses continues to find new uses for the walker he got from Grandpa and Grandma Otto last Christmas.  In the last post you saw him using it as his reading chair.  Nowadays he likes to pretend it is his "car" if he can find someone willing to drive him!