Changes in the Neighborhood

This summer Moses has gotten to see quite a bit of excitement out his nursery window as the building next door is demolished.  First he got to watch work crews come in every day to remove asbestos from the building.  Then he got to watch firefighters practice climbing in and out of the windows.  Finally the real excitement began when the building was knocked down, scooped up and loaded on trucks. 

My favorite part was when they were jack hammering the foundation.  Our apartment was literally shaking for about five days starting at 6:30 each morning.  Moses got very good at going down for his nap despite all the racket just a few feet away.  In fact, by the end he was dancing to the rhythm of the jack hammer :)

 Hours of entertainment for the kiddos :)

 The firefighters usually brought four different fire trucks with them 
(the building was not nearly as nice as it looks in this picture!)

 Ashley was especially impressed with this "mighty machine"

Despite all the dust and noise, we are really glad to see this place go.  During our three years in the neighborhood the building has gone from a very poorly managed nursing home to a makeshift brothel to a haven for squatters of both the human and animal varieties.  Now the Lynn Housing Authority has gotten their hands on the property and will be building a single family home on the lot.  We are praying for some good neighbors, and maybe even some grass!