Catching Up with Moses

Hello, faithful blog readers!  If you're still reading this, you must be very faithful readers indeed.  I realize it's been over a month since our last post, so I'll try to bring you up to speed.

Moses had his 15 month appointment some time ago, and blessedly there were no issues whatsoever.  His weight was 23 pounds, 8 ounces (30th percentile), and his length was 31 inches (35th percentile).  I don't remember his head circumference, but it was around the 80th percentile, still big.  So they would still like us to beef this kiddo up a little bit, but other than that he is doing fine.

In early August we made our first drive back to Michigan since adding Moses to our family, and he did AMAZINGLY well.  On the return trip we did the entire 16 hour drive in one day with very minimal stops, and he maintained his cheerful disposition all the way until the last two hours when it was time for him to go to bed.  Nick kept him entertained by crafting hats for him out of random objects found in the trunk/back seat of the car including aluminum pie pans and fast food drink cups :)  We enjoyed a lovely visit with family, celebrating birthdays with both my grandmother and Nick's father.  Moses was thrilled to be able to enjoy his Grammie's big German shepherd.  He and Nick played fetch with Rommel almost every morning - at least I think that is what they were doing...  Nick got up with Moses throughout the vacation so I could sleep in every single day - what a guy!

Moses reached another milestone - his first trip to the ER - when he fell flat on his back for no apparent reason and then refused to walk, stand or crawl.  We took him to Salem Hospital, which has a separate ER just for the little ones, and we were taken care of extremely well.  Moses wasn't too wild about the place until a woman came around to blow bubbles with the patients.  After that he was loving it!  The X-rays of his foot, leg and hip didn't turn up any broken bones, so they sent me home with some Motrin and told me to try to keep him still as much as possible for a few days. Right!  So I carried him around for two days, and on the third day he started walking again, with a serious limp.  Two weeks later he is still limping slightly, but his pediatrician is convinced that it is just a bad muscle sprain that will resolve itself in time. 

Moses continues to add new words, little by little - they are definitely not the words we expected him to be saying at this point.  So far his vocabulary includes "Dada" (used interchangeably for either Dad or Mom), "nana" (used interchangeably for either banana or Mom!?!?), and "Mama" (used just for Mom, I think, but only when he's unhappy about being in his crib and wants me to come get him out).  I guess I should be flattered that I have 3 names!  He also says "ball", "woof-woof", "hi", "no", "uh-oh", and "tickle, tickle".

Here's a semi-recent picture of Moses, enjoying a car ride with his little friend Ashley.