DeCordova Sculpture Park

 Last Friday we ventured to a sculpture garden/art museum about 30 minutes from our house.  Even though Nick and I have been there several times, it is still difficult for me to explain exactly what this place is.  Picture 35 acres of beautifully kept grounds filled with big shade trees and flowers, and then scatter about 50 bizarre modernist sculptures throughout the property, many of which are huge.  For example, you might be walking through the woods and suddenly stumble upon a 25 foot tall donut made of steel or an old police cruiser covered with graffiti.  Very, very random.  But a great place for young kiddos to toddle about as there is only so much damage you can do to an enormous steel donut. 

 Moses' favorite sculpture was The Musical Fence, a giant xylophone which the children were encouraged to play by whacking with sticks.

After that Moses decided he had better whack all of the sculptures with sticks as well, including this large wooden obelisk titled Cleopatra's Needles (?)  One of the more humorous aspects of the day was Moses' insistence on carefully getting down from the platform surrounding this sculpture, which is as you can see is not very tall, by laying down on his belly.  Yes, the child who fearlessly hurls himself off the couch, the dining room chairs, and mommy and daddy's bed suddenly decided that this three inch high slab of concrete surrounded by soft grass posed a threat to his safety!

The aforementioned giant Donut. 

Moses enjoyed exploring this maze made out of two-way mirror glass.


  1. The oldest and best 'sculpture' was designed by a world famous creator that gets very little credit for his handiwork at the museum. It had 4 entrances, room for lots of people inside, and was in my opinion the coolest place in the garden. It was a realy large tree with leaf covered branches that drooped all the way down to the ground. Did we get any pictures of it?


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