A Few of Moses' Latest Quirks

Moses has developed some rather endearing idiosyncrasies these days, including falling asleep in his high chair.  Not all the time, but at least 2 times a week, I'll sit him down in his high chair to eat a few crackers and the next thing I know he'll be out cold.  Sometimes this does happen right before naptime (around noon).  Other times it will be 9 in the morning!  Inevitably he remains sound asleep as I move him to the crib where he then sleeps for two hours, almost to the minute.  I guess it must be comfortable in there.

Another charming little quirk is his newfound appreciation for light fixtures and ceiling fans.  All of his previous affection for the toilet seems to have been transferred onto these two items.  It is very important to him that all lights, and preferably ceiling fans, be on at all times.  Many of you know that I am somewhat fanatical about electricity use.  I have been known to read a book in a pitch black room at ten o'clock at night just to avoid turning on the lights (hence my terrible eyesight).  So needless to say, Moses and I are at a bit of an impasse on this one.  He marches around the house, pointing at the light switches and saying "Light!" (which in Moses-speak sounds more like "Dai-eee") repeatedly until I turn on the lights.  Then I wait for him to get distracted by something else and sneak around the house turning all the lights back off.  It's our little game.

The last one isn't really a new development, but it is perhaps the funniest.  When we are out in public, Moses has developed a habit of staring at strangers.  And not just a momentary zone-out.  He stares people straight in the facewithout blinking for a LONG time.  Sometimes he even has his jaw dropped and his tongue hanging way out for good measure.  We have gotten a lot of comments about this ranging from "Gee, his eye contact is VERY intense!" to "I feel like I'm under police interrogation" (we heard that one twice).  Maybe all little kids do this, I don't know, but we certainly don't have to worry about him not making eye contact with people :)


  1. Thanks for the laugh! We're looking forward to getting to see some of these quirks up close- TOMORROW!!!!! (insert huge cheers right here).


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