The Twelve Month Appointment

Moses went in for his twelve-month appointment last week, and we discovered that, not only has he not gained any weight since his nine-month visit, but he actually lost close to a pound and a half - oops! So we will be going to a new GI specialist (the last one was less than helpful) to try to find out why Moses is "failing to thrive".

We also found out that what we thought was an eczema flare up was actually hand-foot-and-mouth disease (a highly contagious virus that was giving him sores on his face, inside his mouth, and all over his legs). Oh, and some of the sores had become infected - another oops!

And then the pediatrician told us that he is concerned because Moses is not saying any actual words (he says mama and dada but not to us). He said if Moses does not say at least one "real" word by the next visit, he will have him evaluated for a developmental delay. In fact, the pediatrician wanted to start us on an early intervention program for kids with developmental delays immediately, but in the end he decided to wait given Moses' other more pressing issues. I must say this last part really irritated me. Moses is very social (as long as Mom and Dad aren't too far away), he waves, he points, he makes great eye contact, and he babbles incessantly. He seems just as verbal as all the other one year olds we know from church and story hour at the library. Personally I feel like Moses is fine in this area, but now I feel pressured to try to get him to conform to the pediatrician's timelines whether Moses is ready or not. Grr!

In all other respects Moses is doing great. He is walking nearly all the time now (although he hasn't figured out how to stand up on his own so when he falls he has to crawl to the nearest object and pull himself up). He is sleeping great. He is drinking coconut milk from a cup now, and even holding the cup himself sometimes. And he is a very happy baby, so once we get this weight gain issue straightened out, we'll be right on track as far as I'm concerned.


  1. SECOND THE MOTION. Finally a mommy who feels confident in what she's doing. Aimee - you're right about his speech. He's FINE. If he were age 2, it'd be a different story. Keep doing what you're doing, he'll be great! Love, love.


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