Moses at Almost Eleven Months

Here's what our charming little Moses looks like these days (when mommy accidentally leaves the whole box of Cheerios on the floor!)

And here's another of his favorite pastimes - munching on toilet paper!

He's becoming more challenging for me to photograph. Every time he sees the camera he immediately crawls up to you as fast as he can to try to grab it. We'll have to work on that one.

Moses is a very efficient crawler these days, but he continues to work on his walking. He takes a few short "walks" each day (about 4-8 steps at a time). He also enjoys doing chin-ups on the side of the refrigerator, climbing onto the toilet, and crawling up stairs.

Moses has learned a lot of new tricks this month including waving and giving high fives. He's also learning to occasionally respond to some verbal instructions like "come here", "sit down", and "can I have a hug?" Now we just have to teach him to give daddy some hugs too!

Separation anxiety continues to be a big part of Moses' life, as in 'I must be physically touching mommy (and preferably nursing) for almost all of my waking moments or I'm not going to be happy'. He routinely gets bounced from the church nursery for his loud protesting. Fortunately he is sleeping twelve hours straight at night very consistently, and after several months at one nap a day he recently went back to doing a morning nap also, so I do get some breaks!

Moses went back to the pediatrician this week to get his head size re-checked and he is holding steady at 47.5 cm so they are not going to recommend any other follow up. In addition to his regular pediatrician, Moses got to visit with two second-year medical students from Harvard. Moses was very cooperative and patient while they felt his fontanelle and listened to his breathing. When it came time for them all to tap him in the knees with the little reflex hammer, he started getting a little more rambunctious. By the end he was scrambling all over trying to grab the hammer from the students!


  1. You did it! You beat your photo of Mo with the toilet by adding, yes, two of him eating toilet paper. My mothering idol: Aimee Otto

  2. Moses - good job giving mommy a little break. Now, as for eating toilet paper, there is no nutritional value in that honey. Stick to the Cheerios :)


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