Nine Month Update

It seems like Moses changes more rapidly with every passing month. He continues to work hard on learning to walk - cruising along furniture and trying (unsuccessfully) to take steps between pieces of furniture. He loves to get around by pushing his stroller or a chair in front of him.

Stranger anxiety definitely set in this month. Moses is increasingly wary of strange adults and quite clingy with unfamiliar people and places. However, he loves to play with other kids and babies whether he knows them or not. We went to story hour at the library for the first time this week, and he had a lot of fun watching the other kids play with their puppets and dance around.

Moses has become much more vocal in recent weeks. He doesn't really say strings of repetitive syllables ('babababa' and that kind of thing). Mostly he just howls, coos, and spits! But he is learning how to make more and more sounds, and he loves to experiment with making different noises, especially when he is eating, of course.

He has also started making wave-like gestures while sitting in his high chair. Not that it really counts, but I think it is a step in the right direction. For some reason he only does it during meals!

A list of Moses's favorite things at 9 months would be pretty simple: Mom, Dad and the toilet. He is in love with that thing! Every time he notices that the bathroom door is open he starts hyperventilating and crawling toward the toilet with all his might. He knows how to flush it all by himself, and I've even caught him crooning to it. Hilarious!

Other random facts about Moses:

1. He has a really really big head. Maybe this means he will be smart :)

2. He has four teeth now with one more about to break through.

3. Not counting vacation, Moses is sleeping through the night somewhat consistently. The past few days he has stayed in his crib dozing and playing quietly until 9 am! He can turn the music on his mobile on all by himself so that seems to keep him entertained.

4. Moses is eating a lot these days, it seems. Five jars of baby food, a giant bowl of cereal (he eats the same amount of cereal Nick does at breakfast - yikes), Cheerios, and cut up fruit, plus he still nurses four times a day! He doesn't seem to be putting on as much weight as last month, but he does seem to be getting much longer. We'll get the official numbers at his appointment next week.