Eight Month Update

Moses has seen a big increase in his mobility this past month. Not only is he crawling all over the place, but just in the last week he has started pulling himself up to a stand, cruising along furniture, and crawling up stairs. Yikes! He has also started trying (unsuccessfully) to cruise along one piece of furniture and then cross over to another piece of furniture several steps away. This would require walking, which he obviously can't do, but he just fearlessly hurls himself into the gap to see if he can make it. Nick and I joke that he thinks he can walk, but really he can't.

Moses also seems to be in the midst of a pretty good sized growth spurt. By our unofficial estimate he has put on about 2 pounds in the last month, most of it in his belly, it would appear. Solid foods are still going well, and he is getting more skilled with the finger foods.

Recently Moses has become very interested in "playing" with children and other babies. Yesterday at church he and a two-year-old amused each other for about an hour while Nick and I were in a meeting by crawling around, playing peekaboo, and rolling a ball back and forth between them. Moses also starts smiling and laughing every time he sees the picture of his cousin, Riley, on our refrigerator.


  1. Now, if only we could get him to use it...

  2. Aim...I JUST got caught up from missing about a month of your blog. So sorry! I love the updates. He is getting so big I can hardly believe it. We play with another baby who is 2 days older than Moses, so I like to pretend it's like a play date with you guys :) Miss you!


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