Baby Mo-zart

One of Moses's favorite things to do these days is play on his piano, a gift from his Grandma Otto!

At seven months old Moses weighs just over 17 pounds. He is very busy trying to learn how to crawl with all his might. So far it hasn't happened for him yet, but he is getting very close.

Moses continues to try new foods. Lately he has added bananas, sweet potatoes, and Cheerios. So far he is not at all interested in trying to feed himself. He just opens his mouth like a little baby bird and waits for someone to drop in a Cheerio.

One of the most exciting developments for Mom and Dad is that Moses has apparently decided he is ready to sleep through the night. He dropped both his 11 pm and 4 am wakings within a few days of each other and has been sleeping from 8 pm to 8 am pretty consistently. Hooray!


  1. May your sleep be sweet! that is such good news! He is just so stinking cute. Great smile on that little guy. We're cheering you all on from Philly- love, bownes


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