Six Month Appointment

Moses had his six month visit at the pediatrician today. He weighed 16 pounds, 10 ounces and was 26.5 inches long. Moses demonstrated his sitting-up abilities and showed off his coos and gurgles for the doctor. He was very well behaved throughout the exam until the pediatrician tried to look in his ears at which point Moses protested loudly and tried to get away by flopping all over the exam table. He continues to handle all the shots very well with a minimum of crying, which is nice for us parents!

Aside from a few tummy troubles, he is a very healthy baby. Unfortunately our success with the rice cereal was rather short-lived. On the second day of the cereal we noticed that Moses's colicky cry and gassiness were back. Not sure if I had accidentally eaten something with dairy, eggs or nuts in it, or if Moses was reacting to the cereal, we continued feeding him the rice cereal for 3 more days, but by the end he was very fussy and having blood in his diapers again, so we called it quits with the solid foods. After 3 days of no solids, Moses was doing much better so we decided to try him on carrots. We have been doing the carrots for four days now with no problems.

The pediatrician feels that the blood in Moses's diapers was probably caused by something I ate, not by the rice cereal, since rice almost never causes an allergic reaction in babies and the brand of rice cereal we used is one of the most hypoallergenic. He recommended that I try to avoid a few more types of foods which sometimes contain milk proteins without listing them in the ingredients (hot dogs, deli meats, etc.) and that we continue a few more days without introducing any new foods. Then bring Moses in to make sure there is no microscopic blood in his stools. If there is no blood, then we are supposed to try the rice cereal again.

Thankfully over the past few months Nick and I have gotten more attuned to Moses's digestive difficulties, so we were able to recognize what was going on much more quickly than in the past.

In other news Moses is being dedicated at our church this weekend, so my parents will be visiting. I'm sure Moses will be excited to have the attention of the entire congregation centered on him. We'll see how he behaves!


  1. Rice cereal was making Caleb's tummy upset, too, and making him wake up more at night. I know Moses has more GI problems...but we just skipped rice and went to oatmeal. Will your doc allow you to try a different type of cereal?


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