Two Firsts

Besides getting this awesome hat with the giant pompom on the top, Moses has had two firsts in the last week.

1. He started sitting up unassisted for short spells. So far his record is 26 seconds before toppling over!

2. He has his first little baby cold. Just a drippy nose and a cough for the past few days, nothing super serious thankfully.

We are hoping he kicks the cold by this weekend because we are traveling to Lake Taghkanic State Park in New York for the 2nd Annual Otto-Bowne Cabin Camping Extravaganza! We are very excited to get together with our amazing Philadelphia friends, the Bownes! One cabin, three boys age 4 and under, a beautiful lake, good food, games - I can't wait.

Talk to you next week!


  1. He looks great. Have a great time on your getaway!

  2. oh yeah! so pumped! see ya soon! -the philli-ites

  3. I was a little behind on my blog reading, Aim, but I just got caught up. He is looking so good! Healthy and smiley and just perfect. Next step - hair growing :) You both have lots of it so I'm sure it will come. Miss you all! Give big smooches for me (Moses, please, not Nick)


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