The Official Five Month Update

As of yesterday Moses is up to 26 inches in length and weighs 15 pounds, 13 ounces. And still pretty much bald as you can see! Much to our surprise, his eyes remain blue, although I'm still not convinced they'll stay that way.

Moses is continuing to find new ways to get around. He has mastered rolling, he is getting very good at scooting backwards around our hardwood floors, and he likes to draw his legs under him and spring forward when he is in his crib or on the carpet. He is becoming more interested in reaching and grabbing, although he still seems to prefer stomping and kicking to exploring with his hands.

Moses' disposition remains very contented overall. He is still quite happy to be passed around in social settings, and try out his different noises and faces on whoever is holding him. We haven't seen much in the way of separation anxiety, and we've had good success leaving him in the nursery at church this past month (they have THREE different exersaucers - I think this helps!)

Sleeping has been more of a challenge for Moses this past month, which seems to be pretty typical from what other moms are telling me. At 3-4 months Moses was sleeping through the night about half the time and taking 2 long naps during the day, but shortly after he turned 4 months old, he reverted to waking 3-4 times a night and became much more difficult to put down for naps. I think it was a combination of reflux, his increased mobility which allows him to roll all over the crib, and perhaps a need for more calories at night. Now that his digestive issues are getting sorted out, his reflux seems to have largely subsided, so we are working to get him down to only one nighttime feeding. We are also trying to be more consistent about sticking to a sleeptime routine. We really let this go out the window last month, so I am hoping that that will help.

Here are a few of Moses' favorite things at 5 months:
1. Mirrors - the bigger the better. Moses absolutely loves looking at himself in the mirror. Parking him in front of our big mirror and letting him make faces at himself is my best strategy for short circuiting a crying fit. He will smile and babble to himself for quite a long time.
2. Stroller rides. Moses is almost always very content in the stroller, so we have logged a lot of miles in it during the nice weather this summer.
3. Sitting near a window and watching the traffic go by on the street below. Between the ice cream truck, the ambulances, dogs, and little kids running by our windows, this provides Moses with a lot of entertainment.
4. Watching Mom or Dad hang up and fold laundry. Don't ask me why, but he is fascinated by laundry. I think he thinks it's a giant game of peekaboo.
5. Of course the exersaucer!

Here is a picture of the Otto family five months into this parenting adventure.


  1. Where are you guys at in the last picture?
    Here's a sure remedy for Moses' sleepless nights: Dress up in insect costumes, jig out an interpretation of his birth, while yodeling "Ave Maria," impersonating Mr. Bean.

  2. Ok, here's the deal. If you send us a video of you guys using your sure fire sleep remedy, we'll share with you where we were at in the last picture. Deal? Yes? Good. Ok, We are in the park at Manchester. Can't wait to see your video :)


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