Friday in Boston

Fridays are a happy day in the Otto household because Nick does not go into work until 4 pm, so we often get to do something special as a family in the morning and early afternoon. Last Friday the three of us took the bus into Boston and spent some time strolling around the city.

First we went to the Boston Public Garden. Moses and I snuck up on this swan.

Like any self-respecting Boston baby, Moses got his picture taken at the Make Way for Ducklings statue.

Then we walked along the Esplanade and enjoyed some nice views of the Charles River. Nick took our picture in front of the Longfellow Bridge.

After that, we took a peek inside the Museum of Science. Moses was very impressed with the musical staircase.

A nice lady offered to take our picture.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope this is a great day for you and your family!