Moses' First Ball Game

One of our favorite memories from this summer has been taking Moose to his first baseball game, the North Shore Navigators vs. the Danbury Westerners. Moses had a very good time and was extremely well-behaved even though the game went to 4 extra innings and kept him up way past his bedtime! It was such a fun, low-stress family experience that I have completely lost all desire to ever go to a Red Sox game. The tickets were cheap (in our case, free at the local public library), the ball park is a ten minute walk from our house, the food was reasonably priced, the entertainment between the innings was very amusing, and there was none of the, shall we say, attitude on the part of the players that seems to go along with professional sports. We are definitely fans!

And did I mention that we had front row seats right along the third base line? So much fun!

Here's Nick and Moses before the game.

Our downstairs neighbor, Alan, and his friend Adam got to come too. Here they are with Chomps the Gator.

And here's our newest little baseball fan!


  1. Moses is my kind of guy :) So glad you're introducing him to baseball so early! Don't tell his buddy Caleb, he still hasn't been...and to think that Jeff is his father...


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