Moses had his first successful go of it in the exersaucer yesterday. I tried him in it last month, but it was way too early. He just slumped over and started crying. Oops! I waited a couple weeks and then tried again, but that time he just sat there for a few minutes and didn't engage at all with any of the cool toys. Yesterday we tried it again, and he was absolutely mesmerized. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. The last one is my favorite - I think it's the dimples!

And in case you are wondering what Nick and I are up to these days, here's a photo of us. You'll notice someone is missing. That's right - no baby! Moses had his first official babysitter last week. Our friend Esther from church watched him for 3 hours so we could go for a nice walk around Boston ending with a picnic at the public garden. It was lovely!


  1. You guys look great! Moses is adorable! I hope you are really enjoying parenthood, it suits you both!

  2. Ok. First, that is a great picture of you two. Second, I agree with your favorite picture of him. Hilarious and darling at the same time :)


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